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MSO4 Bundle Optionen/Lizenzen

Bundle Optionen/Lizenzen für Tektronix MSO44 und MSO46 (MSO4-Serie)

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Bundle Optionen/Lizenzen für Tektronix MSO44 und MSO46 (MSO4-Serie)

Three classes of option bundles are offered (Starter, Pro, Ultimate), providing a range of options depending on your budget and application needs.

  • Starter bundle offers the most common serial bus decoding, protocol analysis, and hardware enhancing options bundled together
  • Pro bundles are application-specific (Serial trigger and decode, Power Integrity, Signal Integrity, Automotive, Military Government Aerospace) and include all options from the Starter bundle
  • Ultimate bundle includes all options from the Starter bundle in addition to the all options from all Pro bundles.

Each purchased bundle has two duration options:

  • A 1-year subscription includes all features and free upgrades for the purchased bundle for one year; after which time the features are disabled. Additional 1-year subscription can be purchased for the selected bundle.
  • A perpetual subscription enables all features for the purchased bundle permanently. A perpetual subscription includes 1-year of free upgrades to the bundle feature set. After the year, the feature set is frozen to those enabled by the last update made.