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Pomona 2249-Serie

OszilloskopzubehörZubehör, Software, Lizenzen
BNC Kabel male/male, verfügbare Längen: 6” (15,24cm), 12” (30,5cm), 24” (61,0cm), 36” (91,4cm), 48” (121,9cm), 60” (152,4cm), 72” (182,9cm), 96” (243,84cm), 120” (304,8cm), 144” (365,76cm), 180” (457,2cm), 240” (609,6cm), 300” (762cm), 360” (914,4cm), 600” (1524cm)

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Model 2249-Y is a 50Ω RG223/U cable with double shield. Use when additionalshielding is required.
Model 2249-C The 50Ω RG58C/U cable makes it ideal for most test and measurement applications.
Model 2249-K RG174/U offers superior flexibility in a 50Ω cable
Model 2249-E RG59B/U is a 75Ω cable, making it the right choice for use with TV, video and LAN applications.