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Tektronix TekScope Software

TekScope™ PC-Analysesoftware, offline Analyse von Oszilloskopdaten

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TekScope™ PC-Analysesoftware, offline Analyse von Oszilloskopdaten.

Holen Sie sich die Analysefunktionen eines preisgekrönten Oszilloskops auf Ihren PC. Analysieren Sie Signale überall und jederzeit. Das kostenfreie Basispaket ermöglicht Ihnen die Skalierung und Messung von Signalen. Mit kostenpflichtigen Optionen können Sie erweiterte Funktionen wie die Analyse mit mehreren Oszilloskopen, Busdekodierung, Leistungsanalyse und Jitter-Analyse hinzufügen.

TekScope brings the power of the oscilloscope analysis environment to the PC. Users have the flexibility to perform analysis tasks including serial decode, power analysis, as well as timing, eye, and jitter analysis outside the lab. You can continue your session from your oscilloscope at any place and share the results. Reduces efforts to see screenshots when you need to dive deeper or while sharing. Reload the session on your 2/4/5/6 oscilloscope, if you want to redo the measurement.

Import and share waveform data, setups, and sessions (where supported) for: TBS 1000C Series, TBS 2000 Series, TDS 2000C Series, 2 Series MSO, 3 Series MDO, 4 Series MSO, 5 Series MSO, 5 Series B MSO, 5 Series Low-Profile MSO, MSO/DPO 5000 Series, 6 Series MSO, 6 Series B MSO, 6 Series Low-Profile Digitizer, DPO 7000 Series, and DPO/MSO/DPS 70000 SX/DX/C.

Key features

  • Collaborate
    • TekScope runs on your PC: Enables better time and resource utilization; view, measure, and analyze data captured in your lab, independent of the oscilloscope hardware.
    • Compatible with most common save/recall waveform files: Common analysis tools independent of the hardware acquisition, including:
      • .tss (2/4/5/6 Series session files – setups and waveforms)
      • .wfm, .isf (Tektronix)
      • .bin (Keysight)
      • .trc (Lecroy)
      • .tr0 (Spice)
      • .csv (general purpose)
  • Analyze
    • Cursors: Waveform, V Bars, H Bars, and V&H Bars
    • Measurements: 34 standard
    • Plots: Time Trend, Histogram, Spectrum, XY, and XYZ
    • Math: Basic waveform arithmetic, FFT, and advanced equation editor
    • Search: Quickly find events in your data based on specified criteria
    • Clocked/unclocked Parallel Bus Decode
    • Multi-Scope Analysis: Remotely connect to multiple oscilloscopes to view and analyze real-time data from many channels simultaneously. Connect up to four oscilloscopes and 32 channels.
    • Low Speed Protocol Decode: Protocol Decode and Search Analysis of all common Embedded, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer and Audio protocols.
    • Advanced Jitter Measurements and Eye Analysis
    • Power Electronic Analysis:
      • Advanced Power Analysis
      • Magnetics Analysis
      • Inverter Motor Drive Analysis
    • Power Integrity Analysis:
      • Digital Power Management
      • SPMI Serial Decode and Search
    • SpectrumView Analysis: Perform time and frequency domains simultaneously.
    • Easy Access to Remote Oscilloscope: Use TekScope to remotely pull data from your oscilloscope and perform offline measurements and analysis.
  • Document
    • Waveform and plot annotations: Share detailed analysis results; measurements, anomalies, and points of interest for future reference, collaboration with suppliers, or communicating with the team.
    • Reports: Easily document measurement results and configuration details with detailed test report.
    • Custom display configuration: Group plots in multiple configurations with stacked or overlaid waveform view.